How to protect your investment online

Allow the cookie, pop up or access. Do you come across such things while surfing the internet? According to a top senior financial analyst at Olsson Capital, most of us ignore these types of things that ask us permission to access our information. In hurried or in neglecting mood, we often click on continue without thinking about the outcome.

Yes, the world is full of fraud and in this era when everything is online, fraud is rapidly growing. Hackers keep on trying different tricks through which they access your personal information and misuse it in future. They keep on playing a game with us in different ways to try to obtain our information without us really knowing how.

One thing that we need to admit over here is that hackers won’t stop trying and once our information is used online, the risk of it getting stolen is much greater.

Tips to secure your investment online

For every lock, there is a key. Similarly, there is a solution for every problem. You may be scared, worried and wondering how you can prevent yourself from getting scammed or hacked. Well, calm down! Here are some tips for you that will definitely help you in keeping your online investment secure.

Never welcome an unasked offer

Many people make a great mistake by clicking on the links that are unknown. Often, we receive emails and online messages from companies which offer us something that is not realistic. After all, human beings are greedy and this greed is used by the criminals.

They design a professional link and message; it may even consist of a logo of a well-known company as well and in such messages, they offer you something great by just clicking a link or filling out an online form. Stop there! No one is interested in giving you anything without getting some sort of benefit in return. Skip these links as most of them are of great fraud.

Make your password strong

Keeping your child’s, wife’s or pet’s name as your password is not loved, it is foolishness! Yes, in the beginning, these hackers often try to access your account by throwing wild guesses by entering the name, date of birth or wedding date of your beloved. So, if you are keeping such things as your passwords, remember you are not at all safe. Make your passwords strong, complex and unexpected. Use characters, numbers and alphanumeric combinations to secure your trading account.

Never say yes to a public WiFi

Most of the time, public WiFi is nothing but a trap. Once you connect to it, you allow these criminals to access all your personal data. Remember that once they get into it your account, you cannot stop them.

Keep an eye on computer viruses

Medicine must always be used only if it is of high quality reliable and effective. Similarly, when it comes to antivirus software, don’t even think of compromising on an antivirus that does not offer you all of its benefits. This could be highly injurious to the health of your computer. Want to know how? Even if you are doing everything correctly, such as you kept a strong, complex, unbreakable password, you never click on links that are doubtful and you never answer the emails that are suspicious. Still, there is a great chance that your computer might lose all your personal data by the attack of a virus and within a split second, a hacker will have access to your data, investment details and other personal account information.

For this purpose, make sure you need to keep the latest and most reliable antivirus software for your computer so it will keep on warning you whenever it detects something that is not healthy for your computer.


Cybercrime is a harsh reality of this age. We are so accustomed to online working that it is impossible to keep our personal information safe and secure all the time. But still, prevention is better than cure. You must keep on checking your system from time to time to avoid such mishaps. Moreover, the tips which are being shared above must be looked into carefully. Adopt these habits while you are working online or entering any of your personal information. Hopefully, it will help you to stay safe while securing your online investments.